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Wendy Scully

Orange Petal Flower Fascinator Crinoline Flower

Orange Petal Flower Fascinator Crinoline Flower

"The Orange Petal Flower Fascinator made with double-wired gold headband and decorated with beautiful flower arrangement will sit so elegantly on your head."

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Orange Petal Flower Fascinator is a variation on Wendy's elegant and beautifully balanced sculptural double wired crown headbands with hand made petals. The gold covering beautifully glistens as it reflects the light. To add a point of interest Wendy has tied some gold braided wire into a bow at the end. This creates a balance with the other side of the headband dominated by the orange flowers. The stunning arrangement of orange petals that make up the flower arrangement on one side of the headband is from using crinoline. Wendy has spray painted the base crinoline into shades of orange hues and yellows and cut it into individual petals. She has then gathered the spray painted crinoline petals into the flower arrangement sitting on one side of the wired headband.
The end result is a beautifully balanced sculptural piece that sits so elegantly on your head. The gold covered wire shape arches beautifully to balance the floral details situated on one side and balanced between both sides of the head. This wired headband fits any size head. It is as light as a feather and incredibly secure. Like all Wendy's pieces you will not realise you are even wearing it. A Fascinator so simple and easy to wear, but a real stand out. So brilliant in terms of matching with so many outfits and colour options. This would be a perfect fascinator for the Spring racing season, for a wedding guest or even for an evening cocktail event.

Product Features

• Wendy has cleverly hand made the double wire headband into the elegant crown shape you see.
• Each wire has been wrapped in gold braid (tied some gold braided wire into a bow at the end) to add a glistening dazzle of colour.
• The orange petals flower arrangement on one side of the headband is made from using crinoline hand-painted into shades of orange hues and yellows.
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