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Buying a hat or fascinator should never simply be a matter of getting the right colour or size. Every hat looks different on every woman. What outfit will you be wearing? What accessories will you have? How will you have your hair? Hair up in a bun, down, swept to the side, short or long? To be sure you purchase the right hat Wendy strongly advocates you come to the store and try on different styles. She’ll help you wear the right hat, the right way so that you feel confident that you’ll look your best with what you will be wearing and how you will have your hair. Many customers bring their outfit to show Wendy and help match them to the right hat.

So many customers say “hats don’t suit me”. Come in and Wendy will prove you wrong. You simply haven’t worn the right hat. There is a hat design that suits everyone. That’s the advantage of Wendy having a shop in the CBD of Melbourne. It allows you to come in and have some fun, try on all styles and colours of hat and enjoy the one on one service with Wendy. This is Wendy’s unique and Iconic offering. No department store will allow you that type of service.

Visit Wendy in store at The Emporium, Shop 2039, Level 2, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000.

Alternatively feel free to reach out directly to discuss a new order and her process  via:

Phone: +61416310028 


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