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Wendy Scully

Lavender Large Brimmed Hat Panama Straw

Lavender Large Brimmed Hat Panama Straw

"The Lavender Large Brimmed Hat made from hand woven Panama straw with an applique of flowers and pearls would be perfect for summer events or weddings."

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Lavender Large Brimmed Hat is a large oversized lavender brim hat. Perfect for the lady who wants full coverage from the sun, fun and a clear splash of style. This lavender oversize straw brim is definitely fun and stunning. There's no hiding when you wear this hat. It's all about being noticed and having fun in the sun. Well it does provide great shade from the sun but its really all about creating that look of confidence and style. It will match so well to so many other colours.
Its all about the colour, shape and size of the hat so the decoration is a simple applique of delicate flowers and pearls. They sit perfectly perched on the side. Be daring, have fun and go for the big brim. This hat would be perfect for an outdoors summer event or perhaps a summer day wedding. Be careful though if someone is sitting behind you at the wedding service, you just might block their view.

Product Features

• Its made from hand-woven Panama straw, a very rare millinery material, and in a hand-dyed lavender that is so in this season.
• A decoration made from flowers and pearls sits perfectly perched on the side.
• The colour options are considerable as are the appliques that can be used. Wendy can also cut down on the sizing of the brim to suit your tastes.
• A comb is sewn inside the brim to fit snugly into your hair.
• If you like, elastic can also be added for that extra bit of security.
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