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  • Strawberry Cocktail Tipsy Fascinator


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    Strawberry Cocktail Tipsy Fascinator is the ultimate fun party hat. Wendy actually made this incredible hat for a competition. It was and still is a standout.

    Most of hat is made from red, silver and black crushed glass fabric. The crown is black and silver crushed glass fabric shaped into a pillbox. Its very much like the mini percher style of hat popular in the 1930’s. The cocktail glass was shaped by Wendy using red crushed glass fabric. Individual strawberries overflow for the cocktail. Each strawberry was hand made by Wendy using hand dyed sinamay fabric and hand beaded seeds. There is a hand made straw from metal shim of two tones. Small and large diamantes of ice are scattered over the crown of the hat.

    Yes everything you see in this hat was hand made and crafted by Wendy. An absolutely stunning piece of millinery. The hat sits on an easy to wear narrow headband and black elastic will ensure it sits snuggly and securely on your head.

    This is definitely a standout party style of hat. It glistens and sparkles in the light. It would match so many styles and colours of outfits. Yes you could wear this to the races this Spring. You could also wear this for that special Evening cocktail event . You would be the absolute standout wearing this piece.

    Strawberry Cocktail Tipsy Fascinator was 100% hand made by Wendy in her Melbourne based studio. It is a unique one off piece that will not be copied. This can be your own individual cocktail hat.

    If you love this style of hat using the crushed glass fabric but were perhaps after something a little different then please contact Wendy directly. She would love to chat with you and help create the perfect hat to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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