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  • Blue Textured Fabric Pillbox


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    Blue Textured Fabric Pillbox is a classic and timeless pillbox hat. This shape of hat suits nearly every shape head and will always add that elegant dressed up look. A pillbox is perfect for the lady who wants to be dressed with a hat but in a subtle understated way.

    Here Wendy has used a gorgeous textured boucle tweed fabric of pinks, blues and metallic thread. Splotches of light pink and sky blue play against the greens and grays in the background. The metallic thread picks up the light and shimmers in different colours of the rainbow.

    The pillbox shape is slightly oval as opposed to a perfect round shape. This gives it a more contemporary look. It is a deep pillbox with a crown 10cm in depth.

    Dark blue braid trim sits around the edge of the crown and is tied in a bow at the back of the hat. This is a perfect offset to the fabric and helps shape the hat. At the front of the hat there are two pearl cluster appliques holding a white veil that drops down over your eyes.

    There is a comb at the front to ensure it sits securely in place. The inside of the hat is lined with dark blue silk.

    Blue Textured Fabric Pillbox is designed to sit at the back of your head. It is up to you how far back it sits and whether you have it to a slight angle. This will depend on how you do your hair, in a bun or down.

    This is a perfect hat for a Mother of the Bride. So elegant and subtle. A beautiful piece that will ensure you are truly dressed for the occasion but not steal the show. For many ladies this would also be the perfect look at the races this forthcoming Melbourne Cup Spring Carnival. Definitely a hat for the Chairman’s lounge or in the Royal enclosure at Ascot next year.

    If you love this style of pillbox but were perhaps after a different fabric or adornment than contact Wendy directly. She can create for you the perfect pillbox to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind. The final price is dependant on fabrics and trims. Pls ask Wendy for a quote.

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