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  • Beige Flower Wide Headband


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    Beige Flower Wide Headband is an ever popular style of hat or fascinator. It is a ready to go, easy to wear and stunningly beautiful hat so perfect for so many occasions and events.

    The generous wide headband has been covered in a beige colour textured fabric. There is a lattice pattern in the fabric. The fabric shimmers and reflects the light ever so subtly.Quite a delightful effect.

    On the right side of the headband sits a large single silk beige flower. It perfectly matches the beige of the headband. There is a soft beige veiling under the flower which all blends together.

    Wendy calls this headband shape “Ascot” as it meets the size requirements of hats that can be worn in the Royal enclosure at Ascot, if you can be so lucky.

    Whether you are going to the Royal Enclosure or anywhere else this all Beige version of “Ascot” would be such a lovely hat to wear. Definitely for any race day during the Melbourne Cup Spring carnival. And for a Mother of the Bride you could not go wrong wearing this piece. It would look stunning on you and take nothing away from the bride.

    There is an inbuilt narrow headband underneath to ensure it sits securely in place. The headband slips down just behind the ears. Beige Flower Wide Headband is truly a comfortable and light hat/fascinator to wear.

    If you love this “Ascot” style of hat but were perhaps after something in a different colour or material then contact Wendy directly. She would be happy to create for you the perfect piece for whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

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