Which Hat Style will suit your Face Shape?


The right hat for your face shape is all about balance and proportion — with your face and height. Try on a variety of styles with your outfit to get a feel for your overall look.

The general rule of thumb is:
If your face is small you’ll be swamped in a big hat so don’t overpower it with a wide brim. Look for something in the short- to medium-size camp.
If your face is large, look for styles with more width — wider than the broadest part of your face (including glasses). Width can be achieved by the crown, brim or trimmings.
If you are tall you can carry off large-brimmed hats but avoid high crowns – they will only make you look taller.
If you are short wear small-brimmed hats with a high crown, especially if you have a rounded figure, as large brims will make you look shorter and plumper.


You can wear almost any shape or style, so the possibilities are great. You will have lots to choose from when it comes time to pick. It really depends on your personal preferences. If you are tiny, avoid over-large hat styles. Go for something more fashion-forward. Dare to be different!


A symmetrical face cries out for asymmetry. You need to lengthen or slim your face. Look for something that will give you height and draws attention away from your facial curves. A hat with a tall crown, a high headpiece, a straight or uplift brim and off-centre trim or point of focus will create angles and add length to the face. Alternatively, look for medium to large brim fedoras.
Avoid round crowns and anything that sits low on the head as they will only emphasise the roundness of your face.


Your face is broad and symmetrical so you need a hat with circular features to soften your defined edges. Hats with height, an oversized round crown and brim, or curved silhouette will do the trick, giving the illusion of height and roundness. Floppy hats, cowboy hat styles, homburgs, cloches or bowler styles will round out your features givingyou a feminine and flirty touch. While a beret will elongate and cushion your facial contour. Tilting a hat on one side breaks up the symmetry of your square face.
Avoid hats with a short brim, no brim or a square hat as they will only emphasise your angular face shape.


You need to shorten your face by wearing something that gives your face width. Look for a wide hat with a short crown to balance and soften the length of your face such as a beret, cloche or pillbox where the trim is positioned down low, towards the side of your face. Alternatively try a hat with a flared brim and low crown, such as a medium-sized floppy hat, a sunhat or a fedora with a large brim. The large brim of a sunhat or a fedora will offset a long face and counterbalance vertical curves. A cloche or beret worn low to your eyebrows will conceal your high forehead giving you the impression of shortened face.
Avoid hats with tall crowns, as they will make your face appear too thin.


A triangle face is similar to the oval face shape in which options are virtually endless.However, a hat should have width as you need to widen your narrow brow and minimise the strong jaw line. You should wear a hat that sits on the back of the hairline. A breton or turban-style headpiece draped low and wide will do the trick. Make sure your hat brings balance to your shoulder line, and accent to your garment.
Avoid hats with a crown that is narrower than the cheekbones.


You need to slim your forehead to make it appear more narrow. So wear your hat deep on the brow. Hats with medium to large brims are great such as a fedora, boater, cloche, homburg or beret. These are all good choices as they balance out the width of your forehead. Slanting the hat to one side will slim your face and draw attention to the eyes. Avoid large brims and shapes that accentuate your forehead and narrow your chin.

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