Some ideas for Cup Week Styling

1.Elegant and stylish.

Race days are steeped in tradition and this tradition should be kept in mind when planning your outfit. You don’t need to dress in old fashioned clothing, but it does mean that your dress shouldn’t be mistaken for a top! The preferred length at a horse race event is about knee length. Its not a good look to dress like you are going to a bar at night. It’s a day event and what you wear reflects who you are.

2. Dress or Headpiece first?

This is a constant question askedto me as a milliner. You may have a favourite dress that you really want to wear, or see a great dress that is suitable for a Horse Racing Event. There are many more dresses and outfits to choose from, but are there that many hats that could suit that dress?

Sometimes it maybe easier to visit the milliner, try a range of hats on, and decide first what style and colours you are thinking of wearing, and what hat suits you. Don’t be totally dominated by what is in fashion, it may not suit you. A good milliner should have a range of styles for you to try on and see what suits you the best, not just what they want to make! Combine both these elements to create your successful outfit.


3. Headwear is a must.

A hat, fascinator or headpiece … it’s not a race day outfit without one. If at a function indoors, think about choosing the smaller style so as not to knock out the person sitting next to you. Trackside? Outside in the sun? Maybe a brim and a little more relaxed. Make sure your hat is comfortable and secure. Alien saucer hats flying hats is not a good look or fun. Metal on trend headbands, maybe look good but could give you a bad headache by the end the second race.

4. Invest in a one-off piece of millinery.

If you want to make you headpiece a little more of a sensible investment, choose a design in a neutral base but with coloured adornments you could have changed later for a different race day outfit. If you get too caught up with current trend colours you may not wear the piece again. Fussy dress, simple hat in a single colour. A hat with different colours ( no more than 3) go for a simple dress. Support Australian Milliners, they make amazing pieces, and you are supporting true craftspeople.

5. It’s spring so your outfit should reflect that.

Traditionally Melbourne Cup Day fashion is associated with a whole lot of colour. If you’re doing the entire Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne then by the time Cup Day rolls around you will have already worn your black and white for Derby Day, and have an ultra-feminine number ready for Oaks Day.

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