How to choose? Which is 'The right hat'

How to choose? The right hat

The “right hat” is one that suits your face shape and lifestyle, not necessarily what is “in” for the season, for example which a “celebrity” may be wearing.

Colour is also an important consideration, for what suits you as well as function, eg Derby Day is Black and White.

The “function” of the hat should also be part of your design decision, an inside event, outside wedding, Racing fashions event, casual sunday hat, or an autumn felt. Budget may also be a consideration. The seasons are also a consideration, felts for autumn/winter, straw and sinamay for spring/summer, silks for weddings and formal functions.

You can choose something “in fashion”.

Just to keep up with the trends it may be a hat that doesn’t suit you, even though its from a top designer. The hat may still not be flattering on you and could have cost a fortune.

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