Anjilla and Wendy

Collaboration with Anjilla Seddeqi

Wendy and Anjilla meet at the @FOMA event in 2018, held in Sydney. Both liked the fashion style and focus of each other, and since have collaborated on a number of projects. The latest is for the @ATC Australian Turf Club Rosehill, Sydney event on the 31st October, 2020- where Anjilla will be showcasing new designs accompanied by Wendy’s vintage style heats, made specifically for the event. Our collaboration includes my creating hats for events and photoshoots, as well as developing new “modest fashion” headwear suitable to be worn in the community of those who want and like to wear modest fashion.

Anjilla was featured in for her thoughts on modest fashion.

I enjoy working with Anjilla as we both love fashion, fabrics and classical concepts of the history of fashion.

Working with Charlotte Smith Anthropologist, and Anjilla to create new fashion from classic style
Developing new styles for modest fashion
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