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  • Yellow Feather Flower Headband


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    Yellow Feather Flower Headband is Spring personified in a hat. What a gorgeous collection of dainty yellow flowers arranged beautifully on an easy to wear headband. A simply gorgeous yellow fascinator perfect for Spring and into Summer. The yellow feathers simply bounce and sway in the breeze. So dainty. So elegant. So colourful.

    Each yellow feather flower has been hand made by Wendy from hundreds of hand dyed goose feathers. Wendy binds together hundreds of individual feathers into the flower shapes you see. It is a time consuming process but the end result is spectacular. Absolutely Gorgeous. Colourful dainty flowers balls of Spring colour. Definitely perfect for the Spring Carnival of races.

    The flowers all sit on a wide headband wrapped in yellow leather. A comb under the headband will ensure this sits snuggly on your head. It is as light as a feather (pun intended) so you will not even realise you are wearing it.

    For those of you after a yellow statement fascinator this will be for you. It will be perfect at any of the races for the Melbourne Cup Spring carnival this year. We would definitely recommend this hat in particular for the Ladies Day Oakes event.

    Yellow Feather Flower Headband is 100% hand made by Wendy in her Melbourne based studio. It is a one off. It will not be repeated or copied.

    If you love this feather ball style of hat but were after something in a different colour then talk to Wendy. She hand dyes the goose feathers so there are endless colour options available for this style of hat. So chat with Wendy so she can make for you the feather ball fascinator perfect for whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.




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