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  • Wool Beret Head Cap-a grey skull cap beret style in pure wool with scarlet lace trim.


    A fun cap style hat in pure wool , a grey marle colour. Added are scarlet leaf applique to give that touch of fun. One only. Wear it your way. Australian made. Warm and cosy and functional for the winter cold.

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    In grey marle, that means a fleck grey tone of colour, this pure wool cap is great for  snug winter hat.

    It sits neatly on the head. It has red floral lace trim applied onto the surface, travelling around the hat shape.

    The bright scarlet leaves with black outlines are delicate yet bold.

    The hat can be positioned where you would like it to go, although genially on the right is the best.

    This hat also comes waterproofed. It doesn’t need an elastic or comb but it can be attached if needed.

    The headfitting on this piece is for a max 58 com head, a medium.

    Postage is $15, a refund will be issued on postage after purchase.

    This hat is 100% Australian made.


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