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  • White Lace Side Picture Hat


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    White Lace Side Picture Hat is a timeless piece of pure elegance.

    A classic side sitting oval disc forms the basis of this stunning hat. The oval disc is covered in white silk with an overlaid white beaded net and finished with white silk embroidered lace applique. The beaded net covers the inside of the disc as well. There are pearl flowers scattered on the disc to finish the look.

    Almost hiding under the disc are three pure white silk flowers with white silk leaves. The flowers and disc sit on a narrow white silk covered headband. Included in the photo is a white removable veil that wraps around the disc and comes down just below your chin. It is a dramatic additional effect if you want.

    There is a comb attached to ensure this hat sits securely on you. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

    A disc like this creates mystery and intrigue. The disc sits on the right side of your face and will cover your peripheral vision, hence creating that sense of mystery. From the left side the look is so different with the white silk flowers in full view.

    Needless to say this would be a stunning bridal piece. With the removable veil any bride would look spectacular in White Lace Side Picture Hat.

    Of course a white hat like this could be worn at so many other events. Perhaps for the Derby Day races as a match against a black outfit you have. What a stunning black white contrast you could create.

    If you love this disc style hat but were perhaps after something in a colour then contact Wendy directly. The colour options are many. Wendy would love to create for you the perfect hat to suit whatever event or outfit you have in mind.

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