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  • White Feather Flower Headband


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    White Feather Flower Headband is an absolute stand out beautiful piece from Wendy. What a gorgeous stunning headband this would be on your wedding day. Be that bride and stand out with confidence, poise, and elegance.


    Here Wendy has created an incredibly beautiful hat. One large white flower has been created by clustering multiple pure white goose feathers together in a flower ball shape. This is a particular unique skill of Wendy’s. There are well over a hundred individual goose feathers bound together to create this stunning pure white flower ball. It takes hours of dedicated precision to create this seemingly simple yet stunning feather flower ball.


    The single light fluffy flower ball sits on an easy to wear and comfortable headband. The headband has a medium crown height and is covered in a gorgeous white beaded lace net. Tiny pearl beads are also spread over the lace. Beautiful. Perfect and pure.


    This is a stunning statement bridal piece. Be that bride who creates the “Wow” factor in this stunning piece from Wendy.


    A comb and elastic are attached underside to ensure it is a secure fit to your head. The headband is light as a feather (to excuse the pun). It is so comfortable to wear you will not even realise it is on.


    White Feather Flower Headband is 100% hand made by Wendy in Australia in her Melbourne studio. It is a one-off piece that Wendy will not replicate.

    Wendy loves creating fascinators for the bridal ensemble. Imagine yourself in this pure white feather headband and your bridesmaids in matching feather flower headbands but in different colours to match their outfits. Wendy can dye the goose feathers to whatever colour you want. It would look absolutely amazing. The perfect bridal party all dressed in goose feather flower balls.


    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.



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