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  • Hat Percher Upbrim -in black silk fabric and white silk flower trim- ‘Astrid’


    A percher style hat that sits on the front part of the head. Its a classic shape often worn by English royalty. This example is in black silk with white silk flowers, ready for Derby Day.

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    This Percher Upbrim Hat has a base in black silk fabric.  It is called a percher hat because it sits on top of the head, not over the whole head. A percher is a way of creating the illusion of height for the wearer, but in a more traditional style than the modern ‘fascinator’ shape. The modern fascinator shape tends to be more of a headband with feathers/ crinoline and sinamay pieces, combined together to look almost like a bunch of flowers.  ‘Astrid’ is the more traditional rounded bowl shape, with attachment to the head being by elastics and a comb. This specific shape curves to the front of the face, almost creating a halo look. It has a small centre bowl shape that centres the headpiece, and allows for the two parts of the percher to be created in contrast fabrics. So as a custom order you can select to contrast your fabrics.

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