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  • Fascinator Headband- a spiral in handwoven straw braid in black and white on a button pillbox hat base-‘Twister’


    This unique headpiece is made from hand woven straw braid ribbon. Each piece is unique and made to order. There are variations available in material and colour. Contact Wendy via the contacts page to secure your limited edition haven headpiece.

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    This amazing headpiece is handwoven to order. It is created from straw braid ribbon and is handwoven by Wendy. The circular shape can be made into brims or as in this example, an upright sitting fascinator style headpiece.

    This creation was made to match a specific dress.

    Your choice of colours inc most basic colours, however a strong contrast, for example the black and white can achieve eye-catching results.

    To see the finished match of dress to hat please vist


    on instagram.

    The straw braid can be dyed. This style of hat structure can also be made from swiss braid or crinoline.

    Please contact Wendy directly with an order enquiry to design and secure your unique style of hat.

    Allow 4 weeks from order confirmation.


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