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  • Soft fabric flower headband


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    Soft Fabric Flower Headband is a simple easy to wear headband. The head band is wrapped in a light white tulle fabric. Over this Wendy has placed gorgeous silver metal flowers. Yet again a simple headband transformed by Wendy into such a gorgeous Bridal piece.


    Each of the silver metal flowers have been hand cut and shaped by Wendy. These create a bit of bling and sparkle over the soft white tulle fabric. It is simple. It is stunning. It is a stunning bridal headband piece.


    There is something almost fairy like and innocent with this piece. You could almost say it channels the 70’s flower child look but in such a modern contemporary way. Absolutely perfect for the bride who is after an easy to wear headband that creates a simple but stunning look. It would match so many styles of bridal gowns. And this would suit you with your hair up in a bun or down free flowing as you like. So be that dainty beautiful bride and choose this elegant piece from Wendy. You won’t be disappointed.


    As with most of Wendy’s pieces there is so much room for variation to this piece. You may wish to embellish it further or cluster the silver metal flowers in a different arrangement. It is up to you and certainly a detachable veil could be attached if you like. There is so much room to move with this piece.


    Soft Fabric Flower Headband is 100% hand made by Wendy in Australia in her Melbourne studio. It is a unique one-off piece and will not be replicated. Wendy only makes one of each piece and will not reproduce it. So, you can be assured there will be no copy of this.


    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.



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