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  • Red Spiral Crinoline Rose Fascinator


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    Red Spiral Crinoline Rose Fascinator is such a clever fun way to use crinoline fabric. Here Wendy has wrapped metres of red crinoline into a spiral rose shape. She has then sprayed gold paint on the tips of the crinoloine to create a gorgeous red bronze rose.

    It may look like a large hat but it is so easy and light to wear.

    There are an incredible number of  metres of crinoline used by Wendy in creating this spiral shape. The rose spiral shape is stitched to a button hat base made from Paris net which is sheer and light.

    Now look at the end result. A bold fun statement hat that is so easy to wear. Wendy has designed this as a percher style of hat. That means it simply sits on your head. Ideally you should position it to the right or left side of the head at an angle. It is entirely up to you which side of the head it rests. It is not designed to wear on top of your head.

    This hat is a variation of the finely spiraled bridal white crinoline hat, and a more delicate version of the statement black spiral styled hat which are both part of Wendy’s collection this season.

    At the centre of this spiral hat there is a glass diamante detail.

    This red bronze fascinator would be perfect at races this season for the Melbourne Cup carnival. With these colours it would be so versatile and match so many different outfits.

    Like all of Wendy’s pieces  Red Spiral Crinoline Rose Fascinator is 100% hand made in her Melbourne based studio. It is a one off piece so you can be assured there will be no other copy. The use of crinoline like this in a spiral rose shape is a unique style to Wendy.

    If you love this style of hat using crinoline in a spiral rose shape but would perhaps like a different colour or larger/smaller spiral then contact Wendy directly to discuss what you are after. You could also add many types of embellishment to this style of hat. Wendy can make this shape into so many different colours. Talk to Wendy so she can create your own unique crinoline spiral hat to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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