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  • Red Halo Gold Flowers tulle and metal ring hat


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    Red Halo Gold Flowers is an almost fairy like ensemble of reds and gold. The halo hat is made from a sinamay  ring which has been wrapped in red tulle into a sculptured textured pattern. This is then covered with hand made embossed metal flowers of gold, red, orange and bronze. Such a kaleidoscope of dazzling metal flowers that sits beautifully on the red tulle ring.

    Each flower has been hand cut and embossed by Wendy. These metal flowers can be further shaped as the metal is so thin and malleable. Light glistens and sparkles off the metal flowers. Outside in the sunlight it creates a dazzling effect.

    There are combs either side of the halo so it can fit snuggly and securely into your hair.  The ring is designed to sit at the back of your head at an angle. You could have your hair up in a bun surrounded by the halo or with your hair free flowing. Either style will work.

    Such a simple an easy to wear hat. Perfect for the races this year at the Melbourne Cup carnival or for any other occasion where you want to make a splash of colour in reds, oranges and gold. This halo hat would match so many outfits.

    Red Halo Gold Flowers was 100% hand made by Wendy in her Melbourne based studio. It is a unique one off piece that will not be repeated or copied.

    If you love this halo style of hat with metal embossed flowers but were perhaps after something in a different colour base or with other embellishment then contact Wendy directly. There are so many colour options in tulle and so many ways to decorate with the metal flowers. Wendy would love to chat with you to help create the perfect hat for whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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