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  • Red Gold Feather Aviator


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    Red Gold Feather Aviator is the most amazing reinterpretation of the classic early 1900s aviator cap.

    Aviator caps developed as a means to protect your head from the ever increasing speed of cars and aeroplanes.  The ultimate speed hat.

    The aviator style hat is designed to be a neat fitting cap that hugs the head.  It was meant to provide protection to the intrepid thrill seeker.

    This red and gold feather interpretation takes pure functionality to a level of an art form. The cap is completely covered in red and gold goose feathers.

    Light and soft, you hardly know you are wearing this piece. It buttons under the chin.

    It was created as part of the collection for the  ‘Slavic Fairytales’ at the Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) runway held at the Sydney Power House Museum Sydney in December 2022. Red Gold Feather Aviator Cap was also showcased on the runway on the 4th March 2023 as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival.

    The construction of this hat will amaze those who see it.

    You can order your variation of this aviator cap in laces, fine lurex or fabrics of your choice.

    These pieces are great for statement bridal pieces or a Fashions on the Field competitor who is looking for a different look.




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