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  • Pink Feather Dior Brim


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    Pink Feather Dior Brim is your classic brim shape made famous by Christian Dior with Katherine Hepburn as a model in the 1950’s. It is a beautiful shape that will never go out of fashion.

    Here Wendy has used her mastery of feathers and created a delightful pattern of shades of pink goose feathers. Layers and layers of different shades of pink goose feathers have been meticulously placed around the brim. This creates an exquisite balanced pattern of concentric circles. It is a delight.

    A wide pink ribbon is attached which can be tied around your neck in various ways. It is a delicate and feminine touch.

    There is a wire headband attached and elastic to ensure this sits in place snugly and securely. The brim can be worn at various tilts, to left or right, forward or back. It is up to you. We would always recommend you wear your brim at that alluring angle to create a sense of mystery.

    This is ready made for the races or for whatever occasion you have in mind.

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