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  • Orange Yellow Feather Halo


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    Orange Yellow Feather Halo is a glorious stunning hat. This hat is a rising sun that will make any woman look stunning and beautiful.

    This hat is a brilliant fiery ring of orange and yellow feathers. A hat that will look spectacular and make you stand out in the crown. This hat will make you the centre of attention. Moreover it will make you the envy of everyone in the room or wherever you happen to be.

    Details of the Hat:

    This feather ring hat is made from hundreds of individual yellow and orange feathers symmetrically assembled around a ring crown. The hat is adorned with delicate gold details that compliment the oranges and yellows of the feathers. A string of diamantes and crystal drop down either side like elongated earrings. The effect from the rear is as spectacular from the front. A full ring of yellow and gold feathers is visible from the rear.

    This gorgeous hat was created by Wendy using a vintage 1920’s hat block.

    How to Wear:

    This hat should be worn at the back of the head so it will stand up like a true crown. The string of diamantes should drop down just behind your ears to your shoulders. Furthermore we recommend you wear this hat with your hair up in a centred bun or a low bun that sits below the base of the ring.

    The ring is so balanced, light and easy to wear. There are combs and pin loops will help ensure this regal piece sits securely and comfortably in place.

    Where to Wear:

    Orange Yellow Feather Halo can be worn anywhere and anytime you want to look and feel spectacular. This is definitely a hat for a dressed up occasion when you want to be noticed and make a statement. This is the “Look at me” hat!

    Moreover you could definitely wear this hat for the races at the Spring Carnival this year. These colours would match so many in Vogue outfits for Spring. This piece will be the crowning glory to your outfit. Additionally it would certainly be a hat to wear if you are thinking of entering Fashions on the Field competitions.

    More Information:

    If you love this feather ring style of hat but were perhaps after different colours then contact Wendy directly. She can create for you the perfect feather ring hat to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind. The choice of colours with goose feathers is endless.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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