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  • Newsboy Cap- in a black machine lace fabric, relaxed style, shorter brim


    Just on trend, the more generous, classic retro Newsboy Cap, but with that extra touch of elegance using a tapestry like machine lace, with a hole detail. This is a relaxed look with a shorter brim. Available to be ordered in other fabrics. This piece is a one only.

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    This is a ‘newsboy’ cap with a difference. It has been hand sewn using a 1970’s retro pattern.

    The brim is generous but is great to wear. This version has a softer crown and a slightly shorter brim. It is made with a hole lace, a solid black machined basketweave fabric with  regular ‘hole’ pattern.

    This hat is softer than those with the firm stiffening and so has a more relaxed look. The brim has a firm but flexible inner form so curves nicely to flatter the face, but is the shorter brim.

    It is lined with 100% floral pure silk.

    The tapestry like pattern of the fabric creates the detail on this hat.

    This hat design can be made to order. It can be made in winter or even spring weight laces to be a bit different at the races. Pure silks, wool, velvets, floral cottons  and velveteen (corduroy) suit this hat construction.

    Contact Wendy  directly to discuss your order of one of these,  in either your own supplied fabric, or something from Wendy’s fabric collection. The brim can be made slightly shorter if required.

    Three basic sizes available- small medium and large. This hat is a med-large  58-60 cm

    100% Australian made.

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