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  • Black Lace Brimmed Hat the Beyonce Look


    For the lady that loves a large brim and wants to be seen, this is the hat for you. An absolutely black  boater  style made in vintage black lace, with a wide brim. Its delicate, its feminine and its stunning.

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    Black Lace Brimmed Hat is a wow hat that brings to mind the look Beyonce created in her famous music video. Its definitely not the same hat as Beyonce’s but Wendy has certainly captured here the essence of “that look”. And oh how good you would look in this black beauty.

    What a statement piece. An absolutely beautiful large black vintage french guipure lace brim and crown. For the lady that loves a large brim and wants to be seen, this is the hat for you. A totally black brim style hat made in vintage french guipure black lace with a large wide brim. Black silk is wrapped around the crown and tied in a bow at the side. Its delicate, its feminine and its stunning! A timeless classic that suits nearly every face shape. Perfect with your hair down for a casual look or for that “dressed to impress” look with your hair up in a bun.

    Every lady should have a black brim in her collection of hats. It is the ultimate versatile piece that can be worn to the spring races, a wedding , an evening cocktail event or simply some casual outdoor function. And it would be absolutely appropriate at a funeral.

    There is a comb sewn inside the brim to ensure it fits snugly. But that should not really be an issue as this is a full crown and sits neatly down over your head.

    How you wear it is up to you. You can tilt it slightly back to reveal your eyes or tilt it forward to create that exotic Beyonce look where your eyes are partly hidden behind the lace brim. Even tilt the brim to the left or right to create a slight angle that helps take the eye up and create the illusion of height.

    Black Lace Brimmed Hat is 100% hand made in Australia by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    If you love this large brim style hat but were perhaps after something in a different colour or embellishment then please contact Wendy directly on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028. Wendy would love to chat to you about customising your own unique piece to match whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.



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