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  • Heart Shaped Headband Fascinator -Olive Green


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    This gorgeous heart shaped headband fascinator is made using olive green vintage silk surrounded by black crinoline. A delightful easy to wear headband fascinator hat. It has been decorated with a flourish of hologram floral motifs all sitting on a black metal head band. Perfect for the races or a cocktail/evening event.

    This heart shaped headband fascinator hat is designed to only sit on the right hand side of your head. The black crinoline should act as a part veil to hide your right eye and create that dramatic effect. Whilst your right eye may be covered your vision is in no way impaired. You can see right though the crinoline.

    The vintage olive green silk looks stunning against the black crinoline. It shimmers and will catch the light both inside and outside.

    Normally crinoline is used as a reinforcement for hats. In this hat Wendy has cleverly used the black crinoline as a feature to dramatically surround the heart shape. All millinery crinoline is now made from synthetic fibres. Originally crinoline was made from horse hair and used primarily as an undergarment for dresses to flare out.  For an interesting history of crinoline see https://theconversation.com

    The hat is incredibly light and sits on a simple black metal headband. It can be worn all day without you knowing it is even on.

    This heart shaped fascinator hat can be ordered in a multitude of colours to suit your colour theme. Different embellishments of applique or coloured crinoline could be used to ensure you have the perfect hat for your outfit/occasion.

    Call or email Wendy directly to discuss this limited edition design or a variation in your choice of colours, fabrics and embellishments of appliqué. This particular fascinator hat can be purchased online now and posted to you safely.


    We do not accept returns on made to order pieces.

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