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  • Headband- a twisted design padded headband in black vintage silk and beaded silk


    An elegant statement headband. Totally hand made, by creating two twists of fabric and padding each twist. This headband is made with vintage black silk, and a beaded chiffon line with black silk.  All sitting on a comfortable black velvet padded headband.  Price includes local Australian postage. Definitely a one only headband.

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    One of the new range of headbands. These are easy to wear, for racing events or special occasions, or even everyday.

    As always the designs retain the uniqueness of Wendy Scully Millinery, using vintage laces, hand beading and that little bit of extra style.

    This headband been hand made using two twists of fabric, lightly padded to give fullness. It is a totally unique technique and finish to mass produced headbands.

    One fabric twist is black 1940’s vintage silk velvet, and the other twist is is beaded silk chiffon over a black silk base.

    The base colour of the headband is a black padded velvet. It has a comb for extra security.

    Always one only.

    This is a completely unique headband and sits high  like a royal crown from ages past.

    This style of headband can of course be made to order in different fabrics and colour combinations. Price for orders will vary depending on the fabric used.

    Each piece is unique.

    Price includes Australian postage.

    Each headband listed has a is slightly different in price which denotes the detail and materials used are specific and exclusive.


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