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  • Black Wool Felt Fedora hat with scarlet appliqué.


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    This is a Black Wool Felt Fedora with an appliqué of red scarlet leaves twined around the crown. An elegant fedora in black pure wool. This fedora is a small+ size and will fit about a 56/57 cm headfit.

    The hat is made from 100% pure wool felt. It is a classic fedora style with a slightly wider back brim for that bit more of an edgy style.

    The applique on the hat is red scarlet leaves that twine their way around the crown of the hat.

    An elastic can be added for additional security .  This hat is waterproofed for extra protection.

    A simple hat that can be used for formal or an informal occasion. Add a touch of bright colour to a classic hat style.

    The Fedora style hat is often mistakenly thought of as masculine hat. Knowing the history of the Fedora casts that assertion aside. The Fedora first appeared in 1891 in a play “Fedora” and written for Sarah Bernhardt. She was One of the great actors and performers of her time. A multi talented and beautiful woman. She was also a know cross dresser and during the play wore a new styled hat called the Fedora. It was different to the popular “Homburg” style fashionably worn by most men at the time. The Fedora style became a symbolic hat for the women’s rights movement of the time. It was not until early in the 20th century that men started wearing the Fedora style (as opposed to the Homburg style of hat). Therein lies the irony. The Fedora is seen as originally a “male” hat but in fact it was arguably first designed for a woman.

    Today there is no question a Fedora style hat suits both woman and men, it is such a classic shape and design.

    This Black Wool Felt Fedora hat is a one off like all of Wendy’s pieces.

    However if you want a custom designed Fedora in another colour, larger size or with different appliqué please contact Wendy on Wendy@wendyscully.com or call +61416310028 to customise your own new Fedora.

    We do not accept returns on made to order pieces.




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