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  • Gold Laser Cut Flower Headband


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    Gold Laser Cut Flower Headband is a joyful and exquisite piece. It is really a gorgeous work of Jewellery by Wendy.

    About this Hat: This jewellery hat piece is actually a multi wired gold toned headband. Four separate wires are connected to form the one headset which sits on your head in a fanned pattern. Three of the wires sit at the top and front of your head and the fourth sits down at the rear of your head.

    Moreover each wire has been wrapped in fine gold wire, diamantes, sequins and crystal seed beads. Additionally the front two wires are covered with stunning gold flowers made from laser cut metal. Also each of these flowers is embellished with soft gold silk guipure lace leaves.  In  addition a further decorative flourish of small and large pearls is added.

    Gold Laser Cut Flower Headband is your golden crown. There is something mystical and fairy like in this beautiful piece. It is so dainty and pretty.

    Where to wear this Hat: This could be worn to so many events and for so many occasions. It is so understated and yet you will certainly be noticed in this. Moreover Gold matches so many other colours and types of outfits. Also it could be used as a bridal piece. Nor would it look out of place at the Spring Races.

    How to Wear this Hat: There is no need for elastics or combs. The four wire structure allows it to simply sit snugly and securely on your head. So comfortable and elegant.

    More Information: This gold piece has already sold. You can contact Wendy to discuss your style and a similar piece is also available in pink or white laser cut flowers. Please allow time for your individual creation to be made.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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