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  • Floral Silk Flower Headband Pearls Gold


    New to 2019- Aralee is  a beautiful sheer and light wide headband crown style.

    This edition has 100s of  tiny pure silk flowers in pastels of pinks mauves and whites and oranges. The garden of tiny flowers are heavily clustered across the width  of the headpiece crown style.

    The cerise pink sheer basketweave sinamay crown style is so easy to wear. Its light and has a built in comfortable headband.

    Pink big pearl beads and gold guipure leaves finish the delicate riot of flowers over the halo crown.


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    Floral Silk Flower Headband is a delicate and stunning floral arrangement on a headband style crown.

    The headband is actually a crown created on a block made by Wendy. She calls this shape Crown “Aralee”. It is a flatter and wider style Crown shape that drops down behind your ears. It is supported underneath by a built in wide comfortable headband. The Crown is covered in a cerise pink basket weave sinamay.

    Across and all over the cerise pink sinamay crown are hundreds of  tiny pure silk flowers in pastels of pinks, mauves,  whites and oranges. The garden of tiny flowers are  heavily clustered across the width of the headpiece crown style. An absolutely stunning floral arrangement that sings of a beautiful sunny spring day. Large pink pearl beads and gold guipure leaves finish the delicate riot of flowers over the “Aralee” crown.

    The “Aralee” Crown shape is a totally unique shape and not available at any other milliner or hat maker or hat supplier.

    This wide “Aralee” shape Crown can also be worn off centre, over the right ear, or worn behind the ears as more of an Anne Boleyn style halo hat, reminiscent of the 1500s. As it fits any head size or shape this versatility allows you to adjust the Crown to the perfect position that compliments your face in the optimal way.

    A unique piece of millinery. Perfect for so many occasions and events. The races, a wedding or a cocktail evening event. Its versatility will allow you to get so much use from this headband fascinator.

    Floral Silk Flower Headband is 100% hand made in Australia by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    If you love this “Aralee” style Crown Headband Fascinator but are perhaps after something in a different colour or arrangement please contact Wendy directly on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028 to discuss customising your own unique piece to match whatever occasion or outfit you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.


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