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  • Eucalyptus silk leaf Crown


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    Eucalyptus silk leaf crown is a stunning arrangement  of  hand coloured vintage silk “eucalyptus” leaves. Gold gum nut mesh balls that are all held together on a gold mesh covered silk base, attached to the delicate spray of eucalyptus leaves that arch over the head. Soft green, golds and bronzes shimmer off the leaves as they bounce along as you walk. The leaves flutter slightly in the breeze, as they would in nature.

    This fascinator is a homage to our amazing and beautiful Australian flora and the well known icon of Australia- the Eucalyptus tree. This is another version of  “Kirra”  which is a name used in some Aboriginal Nations meaning “leaf” or “dancing leaves”. Wendy has certainly encapsulated the concept of dancing leaves with this elegant piece. The earlier iteration of “Kirra” also uses the eucalyptus leaves but this piece is a completely different base shape.

    Each leaf on this fascinator  has been created by Wendy using two types of silk- a dupion and a lace silk, bonded together with wire centres. It is hard to tell, even up close that the leaves are not real.

    Each leaf can be moved and shaped as in a tree branch of leaves  gently arching over the headband shape.

    The fascinator is on a bronze gold mesh headband with a silk underlining.

    Combs are attached so it stays neatly on your head. Elastic can be added for further security.

    This is a truly unique Australiana hat. It is a one only piece and will never be replicated by Wendy.

    “Kirra” could be worn as a statement piece in spring or winter racing events. It could also be used within a theatre setting. Whenever you are after a fascinator that truly represents the Australian flora “Kirra” would be perfect.

    Eucalyptus silk leaf crown is 100% made in Australia by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    If you love “Kirra” but perhaps are looking for a slightly different arrangement of leaves or colours please contact Wendy directly on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028 to discuss customising your own unique piece to match whatever occasion or outfit you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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