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  • Crystal Pearl Crown Comb- wired crystals


    S larger headpiece set on a long comb to enable it to be used in many styles and ways on your hair. This is def a one only unique bridal headpiece. Crystals and pearls for the main decoration of this crown. Great for weddings, cocktail parties and other special events.

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    Crystal Pearl Crown Comb is the perfect Bridal piece. A combination of crystals and white pearls are wired together with silver wiring. This all sits on a comb. It is really a piece of exquisite jewellery rather than a hat or fascinator.

    This larger sized headpiece has flexibility. It can be shaped to make a crown. It can also be used to fit to the back or side of the head. It is on a wig comb and wiring which can be gently reshaped. It is a larger piece so is a true statement.

    Bridal. It is perfect for the bride who wants an understated yet elegant comb head piece that sits in her hair in any place on her head.

    Definitely a one only unique headpiece, with total flexibility of placement for the wearer. Wendy only makes one of each piece. This will not be replicated so rest assured you will see no one else wearing this.

    For someone thinking of using this as a bridal piece please note a detachable veil could easily be attached by Wendy.

    Crystal Pearl Crown Comb is 100% Australian made by Wendy in her Melbourne studio. Why buy expensive pieces mass produced overseas when you can buy this unique one off gorgeous Australian made piece of jewellery.

    Wendy makes various other jewellery pieces on combs and headbands. If this particular piece is not what you had in mind but you want something similar please contact Wendy directly on Wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028 to discuss customising your own unique piece. You may in fact have a certain type of crystal or pearls or some other fabric such as lace that you want used. This is always especially so for brides wanting to match the wedding dress they have ordered. Wendy will happily use particular materials you supply to be incorporated into such a piece so that it is perfect for the occasion.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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