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  • Cloche Winter Hat in brown fur felt


    A classic walnut brown cloche in pure wool fur felt. This hat is a small-medium size, to 58 cm head fit. Trimmed with pure silk in tan and delicate beading to add a sparkle. This fur felt is a vintage base fabric that has been hand made by Wendy into a classic 1920s cloche style hat.

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    A classic winter cloche hat in a walnut brown fur felt. This fur felt is the longer haired type, and is a french vintage fur felt base that has been shaped into the classic bell shaped hat from the 1920s.

    The hat is a walnut brown and has quite an extra long fur felt. This fur felt type is called ‘mousline’ in millinery materials because of the extra long fur feel of the felt fabric. It is rare and expensive in millinery. Its a super warm hat. The fitting on the hat is a small medium, to a max of 58 cm head fit.

    The trim of the hat is a pure silk in a light tan, with vintage beading on the rosette flower feature.

    In a classic cloche shape the hat has a shorter crown length at the back of the head to allow for your scarf/coat collar to sit comfortably over the back of the hat. The right side of the hat shapes down and the left is curled up giving that lovely vintage style. The quality of this felt hat is rarely seen today, as the felt is thick and strong and holds it shape really firmly. A hat to last generations.

    As with all Wendy Scully Millinery you can order your own variation to suit your personal needs and size.  Please contact Wendy to discuss your needs.

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