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  • Pillbox Round Button Hat- black sinamay button hat base with vintage sequin appliqué with Crin Veil- ‘Natty’


    A simple elegant button shape. The elegant upsweep of black crinoline adds a sense of drama to this stylish hat. Available to order. The crinoline creates a structured veil shape that sits across the eyes.

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    A classic 6″ button created in sinamay. Added to this are sequined motifs. This example of Natty has butterfly and flower shapes in pinks, creams and beige.

    To make this headpiece pop, a crinoline part eye veil has been added with statement double box at the back. The veil adds a sense the mysterious and elegant  retro style. The strength of the crin means it stays in shape and is easy to wear. Attached with an elastic.

    This piece can be ordered without the crin attachment.

    The base in this piece is in black as a contrast to the bright light motifs that add bling and fun.

    This button pillbox hat can be order in many variations. Allow 4 weeks to order your hat.

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