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  • Bridal Headband Face Veil


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     Bridal Headband Face Veil is on a simple narrow headband covered in white silk. The veil is a mid-sized diamond shape. Spotted over the veil are pearls and small ends of goose feathers. The veil drops down to just below your nose and above the lips. So kissing, eating and drinking are not impeded.

    This face veil could be worn on its own as a dramatic piece or be used in conjunction with another hat or headband. It is the perfect accompaniment for a bride looking for an easy removable veil. This veil can be worn under a more elaborate headband for a bridal ceremony or under a hat. Veils always create a dramatic look and elevate the whole effect. They create a sense of drama and mystery.

    Bridal Headband Face Veil is the versatile piece that will enhance the look you are after. Other colour options and veiling sizes are available by order.

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