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  • Bridal Crown in Lace Headband


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    Bridal Crown in Lace is a stunningly beautiful and simple piece perfect for the Bride who wants to crown her special day.

    Here Wendy has created an exquisite crown piece from lace and pearls. White lace is clustered along a narrow tulle wrapped head band and sits up in a beautiful arrangement. Pearls and crystals are sprinkled throughout the lace. There are touches of gold on the tips and edges of some of the lace. All in all this is a masterpiece that is so elegant and ready for the Bride who wants a lace piece with a touch of gold.

    If required a veil can be attached and easily removed later. Its up to you whether you want a veil or not.

    Whether you go with a veil or without the most important decision of all though is to ensure that a Bride should have some form of crowning head wear for the day. It is so disappointing to so often see brides spend so much time on their dress, shoes and hair that they somehow forget the final “piece de resistance”, a bridal crown! Without the crown or some form of head piece you’ll run the risk of simply looking like you do on a Saturday night evening out. Its your wedding. It should be formal! Look as beautiful and as dressed up as you can and wear a crown, tiara or jewellery piece in your hair.

    Bridal Crown in Lace is 100% hand made in Australia by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    There is the option of the second version with Grey Colouring and crystal beading available in the shop.

    If you love this Bridal piece but were perhaps after something slightly different, perhaps without the gold edging, then simply contact Wendy on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028. Wendy would be delighted to discuss with you a personal customised piece to match whatever occasion or outfit you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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    Custom made to order only. Limited edition

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