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  • Black White Bowl Brim-single white flower


    A percher style hat that sits on the front part of the head. Its a classic shape often worn by English royalty. This example is in black silk with white silk flowers, ready for Derby Day.

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    Black White Bowl Brim is a Percher Upbrim Hat with a single white flower. The percher upbrim is made in black silk fabric.  It is called a percher hat because it sits on top of the head, not over the whole head. The “upbrim” describes how the brim of the hat bends upward to create the elegant bowl shape. Wendy calls this particular Percher Upbrim shape “Astrid”.

    A percher is a way of creating the illusion of height for the wearer, but in a more traditional style than the modern ‘fascinator’ shapes. The modern fascinator shape tends to be more of a headband with feathers/ crinoline and sinamay pieces, combined together to look almost like a bunch of flowers.  ‘Astrid’ is the more traditional rounded bowl shape, with attachment to the head being by elastics and a comb. This specific shape curves to the front of the face, almost creating a halo look. It has a small centre bowl shape that centres the headpiece, and allows for the two parts of the percher to be created in contrast fabrics.

    A white silk flower sits perfectly inside the brim. The final finish is a flourish of stick quills. The quills help emphasise the shape of the upbrim and add to the allusion of height as the eye is drawn upwards.

    This Black and White piece is the absolute perfect Derby Day head wear during the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

    Black White Bowl Brim is 100% Australian made by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    If you love this Percher Upbrim shape, called “Astrid”, but would like it in a different colour or perhaps some different embellishment please contact Wendy directly on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028 to discuss cutomising your own unique piece to match whatever occasion or outfit you have in mind.

    We do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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