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  • Black Phoenix Feather Hat


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    Black Phoenix Feather Hat is an amazing creation of gold tipped black feathers arranged on a simple face hugging percher style hat.

    This piece was created for a runway event “Slavic Fairytales” presented at the Fashions of Multicutural Australia (FOMA) in Sydney, December 2022, and also showcased in the Melbourne Fashion Festival in March 2023.

    About this Hat:  The base hat is a simple percher style cap that neatly sits to the side of your head down to just above the eye. In this case the hat has been designed to sit down the right side.  The whole cap is covered with overlapping black goose feathers. Moreover the tip of each black feather has been covered in gold paint. This creates a beautiful pattern of black and gold.

    Additionally there is a surprise with the head of a phoenix bird that rises at the top and elegantly curves to the shape of the hat.

    In addition to add a final flourish black and gold threads hang down from the tip of the hat. These cascade down over your shoulder. They end in glitters of gold thread.

    Black Phoenix Feather Hat is a piece that will create immediate interest and attract everyone’s attention. You will stand out from the crowd. This hat is a talking piece.

    How to Wear: This hat should sit down on the right side of your head with the tip falling just below your eyeline. The gold and black strands will create the illusion of long hanging earrings. An elastic and comb are attached to ensure this sits snugly and securely on your head.

    Where to Wear: Anywhere you like. Certainly this is a hat for the Spring Races and a definite Fashions on the Field hat. The Black and gold feathers will compliment so many outfits. With black and gold you can wear this in the day or evening.

    More Information: If you love this feather percher style hat but were after something in different colours then contact Wendy directly. She would love to create for you the perfect hat for whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

    Please note we do not accept returns of made to order pieces.



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