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  • Black Feather Percher Hat leaf shape feathers

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    Black Feather Percher Hat. This hat sits on the right side of the head. It is made with a black sheer embroidered lace that is placed over a pale pink silk base. Black feathers float over and around the crown to create height and movement. The tips of the feathers will gently sway as you walk. A truly elegant and classic style of hat.

    The block used for this shape hat is called “Rachel”. It is a unique shaped crown headband. It is a Percher style hat meaning it is designed to simply sit on your head.

    You could wear this Percher to so many different types of events. Of course it would be perfect for the Derby Day races during the Melbourne Cup Carnival of races.

    One size fits all. This is a percher style hat that simply”sits” on your head. So this will fit all head sizes and head shapes. You can adjust it to that position you like best to suit your head shape.

    A comb is inside the crown to fit into your hair. For even added security (especially for those with short hair) elastic can be added.

    Black Feather Percher Hat is 100% Australian made by Wendy in her Melbourne studio.

    If you love this “Rachel” shape of hat but are after something in a different colour or perhaps different materials or trim please contact Wendy directly on wendy@wendyscully.com or call her on +61416310028 to discuss customising your own unique piece to match your outfit or occasion.

    Bridal. Whilst this black “Rachel” may not be a bridal piece imagine the same shape in white silk, satin or lace! It would be the perfect Bridal piece. And Wendy can make “Rachel” using materials you supply to ensure it matches your Bridal outfit perfectly.

    We do not accept returns of made to order pieces.

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