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  • Black Chiffon Leaf Percher


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    Black Chiffon Leaf Percher is a fluffy delight. An array of black petal leaves fluttering in the breeze.

    The hat is actually a side sitting percher completely covered in overlapping black chiffon leaves or petals. The petal leaves move and bounce in the breeze. It is so dainty. So feminine and so classy. Such a unique fun design by Wendy and a clever use of black chiffon.

    As a percher style cap this hat will sit on any size or shape head. It simply “perches” on your head and is kept securely in place by a comb and elastic.

    The hat is designed to sit on the right side of your head dropping down to just below your right eye. You can move it more towards the back of your head. It’s up to you to determine the best position and look.

    Black Chiffon Leaf Percher hat is so light. You will not realise it is even on your head.

    Definitely a hat for the Derby Day races in the forthcoming Melbourne Cup carnival. Or perhaps even a winner in Fashions on the Field if you are entering. But a fun hat like this could be worn to so many other events and occasions. Even an evening cocktail event with a slinky black dress. Oh that would be a great look!

    If you love this fun style of percher with chiffon petal leaves but were perhaps after another colour then contact Wendy directly. She would love to make for you the perfect hat for whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

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