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  • Apricot Feather Ball Flowers


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    Apricot Feather Ball Flowers is a majestic hat. This is an exquisite “look at me” hat. It is devine and beautiful. When you wear this hat everyone will notice. Definitely a hat for the confident lady who wants to make a statement and be seen.

    Essentially the hat consists of three separate feather balls. Each ball is made from hand dyed clusters of curled goose feathers. All the feathers are in tones of pinks and apricots. Pure artistry. The feather balls are so light and yet create a beautiful voluminous arrangement. Under the feather balls there are pink mesh leaves .

    These feather balls sit on a narrow headband wrapped in apricot-colored silk fabric.

    There are pink and white curled quills up and down from the feather balls. On these quills are golden metal butterflies all hand made by Wendy. Their antennas are wired with crystal diamantes. Small pink lace leaves scattered over the quills and headband add a final touch.

    Oh what a beautiful hat. This could be worn to so many types of events or occasions. It is definitely a hat to be worn when you are “dressing up”. Yes it could be worn to the races especially for a Fashions on the Field competition. This will ensure you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

    Apricot Feather Ball Flowers is definitely a style of hat for this forthcoming Spring Racing season. Definitely a winner for Cup Day or Ladies Oak Day on the Thursday.

    The apricots and pink tones would suit so many other colours and types of outfits.

    If you love this style of hat and the use of feather balls but were perhaps after a different colour tone then contact Wendy directly. She can help create the perfect headpiece to suit whatever outfit or occasion you have in mind.

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