Buying Online or in person?

Buying Online or in person? Buying online hats its downfalls but may be cheaper.   Pitfalls: You can’t physically try a hat on, health regulations restrict hats from being returned What might be advertised as a 54 cm headfit may not be correctly labelled. It doesn’t fit and the hat just doesn’t suit your face, but […]

How to choose? Which is ‘The right hat’

How to choose? The right hat The “right hat” is one that suits your face shape and lifestyle, not necessarily what is “in” for the season, for example which a “celebrity” may be wearing. Colour is also an important consideration, for what suits you as well as function, eg Derby Day is Black and White. […]

Hat styles-classic and contemporary

Here are some images of hat styles. Which would you like to wear?

Latest Event- Melbourne Retail Festival March 2018

Here is a look at some of my latest pieces that were displayed at the Melbourne Retail Festival 2018            IMG_3790 4

What to wear at Ascot?

Please use the following style guides as a suggestion of what is required at Ascot for the different enclosures.